Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall

The Policy Enforcement Firewall provides context-based controls to enforce application-layer security and prioritization. You can enforce network access policies based on, device types, app flows, user roles, location, and more..

Intelligent application control and visibility intelligent application

With unprecedented visibility, AppRF technology in the Policy Enforcement Firewall leverages deep packet inspection to classify over 1,500 enterprise apps and features a policy wizard to block, prioritize and limit bandwidth for any app or groups of apps.




Network security designed specifically for mobility network security

The Policy Enforcement Firewall  provides user-level awareness of all traffic across the network. This eliminates the cost and complexity associated with manually configuring static VLANs, access control lists, and the wired switch infrastructure.




The flexibility to separate any type of traffic flow flexibility

With contextual policies based on identities, devices and location, you can satisfy the needs of different groups of users with a single wireless network configuration. Traffic flows simply adapt to the mobility state of the mobile user and device


Aruba Firewall Datasheet