ArubaOS VPN Services

The VPN services in ArubaOS include the Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) client, a hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN. By supporting VPNs to third-party systems, your Aruba infrastructure becomes a vital part of any secure, private network deployment.

The easiest way for devices to get a VPN connection


Completely Wi-Fi-aware, VIATM automatically scans the air, finds the best connection, and launches a VPN-on-demand to the corporate network. It offers a zero-touch user experience and enables automatic configuration of Wi-Fi settings on mobile devices

Keep thousands of remote users connected to work



Employees who work remotely can easily install an Aruba AP to securely access the corporate network. Once they’re connected, the experience is just as if they’re at the office, thanks to a zero-touch VPN link to an Aruba controller in the data center

Reach out and cut costs

Every Aruba controller makes a secure connection to the network infrastructure across different sites. There’s no need to invest in VPN appliances.

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Aruba VIA (Virtual Intranet Access) Datasheet