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eVideo latest news for collaboration and huddle rooms

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Crestron Flex Collaboration is here now

The Crestron Flex Smart Soundbar delivers native Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business functionality aimed at creating a better meeting and collaboration experience for every room in a company’s office space – from small huddle rooms to executive board rooms,”
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Cisco Webex save 60% on Event Bundles

Polycom Trio 8800 Conference phone
With Polycom Trio™ optimized for Zoom Rooms, Zoom customers can use the Zoom meeting controls they know with the industry-leading audio quality of Polycom Trio to have the best Zoom Rooms meetings in conference rooms of any size.   Click here


Introducing the Samsung FlipChart
An innovative digital flipchart that helps to drive more productive and efficient collaboration without the hassle. With the Samsung Flip interactive UHD display, your team can work smarter, faster and better. Business meetings can take place anywhere, anytime, and you can take the stress out of the logistics  – click here for pricing



Cisco Room Kit Collaboration Special


eVideo announces a new special buy for your collaboration solution.

The Cisco Room Kit includes camera, codec, speakers, and microphones integrated into a single device – is ideal for rooms that seat up to 7 people.

 Intelligent framing:

Cisco is pushing the boundaries with a smart and effortless experience. It’s like having a TV camera operator in the room. Cisco have had speaker tracking in their high-end systems – and now Cisco WebEx Room Kits have it, too. The feature automatically detects who in the room is speaking and selects the best camera framing for that person. “Best overview intelligence” detects all people in the room and selects the best group framing when no one is speaking. If a large room has only two people, the camera intelligently frames those people.

Analytics in diagnostic mode:

Artificial intelligence can be pragmatically applied for resource planning. The Room Kits have a high-performing face-detection module that tracks where people are and the angle they’re facing. The system pinpoints the speaker through audio triangulation using the six embedded microphones. The system also counts the number of people in the room. You can send all this data to a management system for customized applications.

Voice and face recognition:

This is still in beta, but you’ll soon be able to place calls via voice commands and the system will recognize attendee faces and label them with their names. These pre-production capabilities present ground breaking opportunities for both automated calling and content delivery based on a meeting’s participants.

Raising the Bar on Quality and Choice

The Room Kit options both have great audio and video. The built-in microphones capture voice and perform speaker tracking. We’ve optimized the speakers for voice, lip sync, and echo cancellation. And, for the most advanced camera capabilities, we feature a 5K UltraHD camera.

You can deploy Cisco Webex Room Kit in a small-to-medium-sized room, and Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus in a large room. Both options support one or two displays. We think you’ll want dual displays when you see how beautiful the white board looks when dialing into a Cisco Webex Board. Imagine the experience: You see the white-board content in stunning 4k resolution on one screen, connect with people in 4k on the other, and interact with the white board on your laptop or tablet.

 Room Kit and Touch 10 control with Webex subscription – special pricing available now!!  Latest 4K Ultra HD resolution

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Other Uses for Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is a process wherein two, three
or more persons from different locations communicate through the use of a
computer with internet connection and webcam. It’s advantages are common
knowledge among businesses and industry. However, digital “face-to-face” interactions
are not only benefiting savvy businesses, teleconferencing is making headway
within other sectors of society.

emergencies and consultations

When a doctor cannot attend a medical
emergency due to distance and other environmental factors, a web conference can
be helpful. In fact, even if it is not an emergency many physicians are using
the technology to keep in touch with their patients. Through video chats,
doctors can submit health records and even prescribe medicines. In a recent
news report in the United Kingdom, virtual clinics are being considered to help
National Health Service (NHS) save £3bn in health services.

government meetings

Video conference is also embraced in some governments
such as South Korea. Governmental offices in Seoul are now connected for the
very first time to Sejong administrative agencies. The initiative’s goal is to
minimize government related inefficiencies caused by the cities’ distance.


Media also hugely benefits from video
conferencing. Experts and journalists located at different parts of the world
can participate in press conferences, debates and news segments without the
need to travel to the studios. Some news channels also use the technology to report
breaking news in real time
. Interestingly, video
telecommunications technology even works well in law enforcement. This webcam
captures and broadcasts a live burglary helping the police capture the

online learning

If you don’t have extra time to personally
attend a training or workshop, you can learn via online. Unlike before, you can
now acquire a degree or certificate without leaving the comfort of your home. Most
colleges and other training providers offer online courses for individuals who
are always on the go. It can also be a great alternative for students living in
remote locations and looking to save money from travel or commute expenses. In
the United States, the technology is used to save schools from expensive
outdoor activities. The cost-effective trip is called virtual field trip wherein
students can connect and interact with other learners from other countries via

soldiers to their families

Soldiers can be deployed and stationed half
way across the world for almost five years. While serving their military
service, many are using teleconferencing to get in touch with their wives, children
and extended family members. For instance, a soldier serving in Afghanistan
exchanged vows and got married with his bride living in Georgia with the help
of Skype.

It is clear that the power of web
conferencing is not just confined in the four corners of a business conference
room. Individuals can use it to connect with their loved ones. Doctors and
other medical practitioners can assist medical operations. It can also be an online
learning tool for students. Innovative companies such as Polycom and Cisco
leading the charge in teleconferencing hardware and software bringing the world
closer together.