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e365 provide a 5 year warranty on Viewsonic and Promethean products

e365 has the most brands in Australia and most are in stock ready for delivery Australia-Wide

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Why you should update to the latest videoconferencing

Two Polycom 8500 Conference phones  for the Price of One

Polycom Trio 8800 for Business and Microsoft Office 365

Polycom RealPresence Trio 8500  – the new standard in conference performance. Polycom’s legendary audio quality and a modern intuitive interface make conference calling easier than ever.  Trio 8500 offers the broadest interoperability of any device on the market giving you freedom to deploy on all leading voice platforms.

Polycom Trio 8500 takes the ordinary conference call experience to the next level. Getting conference calls started shouldn’t be hard, frustrating or time-consuming.   And with Polycom’s legendary voice quality, you can be sure every syllable is crystal clear with Polycom® HD Voice technology.

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Cisco ROOM KIT & NEW Room Kit Mini UHD Videoconferencing systems  for your Huddle Room-Meeting rooms & breakout rooms.
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Digital Signage

eVideo-Digital signage is providing a highly effective medium for advertising and upselling.

You can bring elements of the web, such as social media, into the physical world. Is also a great tool to provide consistency among your locations throughout Australia and globally.

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Casio – Laser and LED-based Projectors – No Lamp Replacement – approximately 20,000 hours of illumination.      

Casio Projectors tells us what secondary schools have to gain from replacing their existing video projectors and models with Laser and LED-based models that don’t rely on costly and often unpredictable lamps to provide the light source…

Here at Casio, we are pioneers of Laser and LED hybrid projection technology in the classroom, driven to bringing the benefits of lamp-free projection to all secondary schools. We are the only manufacturer to boast an entirely lamp-free range of Laser and LED projectors – a method of image generation we’ve championed for over five years, and one we’re completely dedicated to.

Following the launch of our Core XJ-V1 in 2015, we have strived to make lamp-free projection and its benefits accessible to all budgets. This journey has now culminated in the recent launch of six new projector models, which mark an expansion of the affordable Core range and the debut of a new Advanced series, bringing the benefits of lamp-free projection to everyone.

Reliable and consistent

Our lamp-free projectors boast lifetimes of up to 20,000 hours, enabling institutions to equip themselves with an AV setup that will run reliable and consistently time after time. Casio also offers a 5-year or 10,000 hour warranty, giving IT managers the reassurance that replacements can instantly arranged, should any issues occur.

Projectors are well-suited for a variety of lesson formats and classroom environments. With their adjustable brightness, Casio’s projectors can adapt to both dark and well-lit classrooms, making them the perfect tool for teachers and schools looking to brighten their students’ learning experiences.

The benefits of going lamp-free

Since taking the radical step in 2010 of going completely lamp-free and opting instead for Laser and LED projection, Casio has quickly developed into a market-leading provider of mercury and lamp-free projection solutions – and remains committed to promoting the technical, financial and environmental benefits that accompany the technology.

The industry-leading low power consumption of lamp-free projectors means there are no overheating issues, regardless of how often it might be used throughout the day. The cost of running Casio’s lamp-free projectors is minimal, with users able to expect an average 35% increase power saving compared with traditional projection systems.

With no lamp to monitor or replace, maintenance costs are significantly reduced; schools can instead accurately predict the operating costs of a projector over the course of its lifetime. Our Laser and LED projectors can also be placed on timers that will automatically shut them down at the end of the day, saving staff the task of having to inspect projectors in multiple rooms and turn them off manually.

The Advanced series and extended Core range

The Advanced models are set apart by their high brightness of up to 3,500 lumens, 1.07 billion colour reproduction, automatic dimming function and 1.5x optical zoom. This makes them the most effective Casio projectors yet for classrooms and larger presentation areas, such as lecture theatres or assembly halls.

Each Advanced model also offers extensive connectivity options, including a pair of HDMI ports, a powered USB input and a WLAN/LAN network socket, making them ready for use in a range of different environments. They can be easily made to display content stored on tablet devices and memory sticks, helping teachers bring lessons to life and easily share videos and other forms of digital content produced by today’s digitally native secondary school students.

With no reliance on a lamp, the light source in these new projectors will remain consistent across each model’s 20,000-hour working lifetime, with no dimming or fading. This also negates the need for a warm-up period; with the projectors able to start instantly, teachers can avoid losing time at the start and end of lessons.

The Core range comprises our most affordable projectors to date. The three newest additions to the range each boast a brightness of up to 3,500 ANSI Lumens and 1.5x optical zoom, making them well-equipped and affordable replacements for ageing existing projectors.

The introduction of our Advanced series and the expansion of our Core range will ensure that schools can benefit from high-quality, sustainable projection in more areas than ever before.

It is with pride that Casio can deliver an industry-leading total cost of ownership on our products, without compromising the quality of their output. We are continuing to improve our educational technology offering for secondary schools by introducing new product innovations across all areas and furthering the reach of Laser and LED hybrid projection technologies.