Cisco WebEx Room 55

Cisco WebEx Room 55

Bringing advanced experiences to every room

Cisco WebEx Room 55 combines an unmatched video and audio experience with a sophisticated, Red Dot–awarded design to create a compelling team collaboration system.  Cisco Webex Room 55 is an all-in-one, integrated system that’s easy to install, use, deploy, and manage — and is optimized for rooms that seat up to seven people. Room 55 is crafted with high-quality components:
• Professional 4K display for longevity and minimal latency
• Powerful digital zoom camera for discreet tracking
• Sophisticated speaker system and amplifier to deliver rich sound
• Light industrial design that combines aluminum and fabric for a sustainable and humanizing effect



Benefits include:

• Powerful collaboration device: Fully integrated system includes 55’’ 4K screen, 5K UltraHD camera, stereo speakers; brings more intelligence and usability to your small-to medium-sized meeting rooms for up to 7 people; based on Cisco Webex Room Kit technology.
• Smart meetings: Intelligent, integrated camera deliver intelligent viewing capabilities, such as automatic framing and speaker tracking.
• Smart presentations: Dual screens/dual content sources supported, wireless sharing, and 4K content make for great presentations.
• Smart integrations: People count for usage metrics and resource allocation; in-room controls through the Cisco Touch 10 provide enhanced functionalities.
• Flexibility: Built for both on-premises and cloud deployment, protecting your investment.

Cisco Webex Room 55 inclusions:

The Room 55 includes a camera, codec, display, speaker system and microphones integrated in a single device. The Webex Room 55 is optimised for rooms that seat up to 7 people, and is all-in-one, making it extremely easy to install, use, deploy and manage.

  • Camera – Powerful 5K UltraHD Camera
  • Stereo speakers with dedicated centre speaker
  • Built in amplifier
  • Speakers above screen for equal room coverage
  • 4K professional-grade screen
  • Fabric front & aluminium frame
  • Integrated microphones
  • Cisco Telepresence Touch 10 device


Webex Room 55 and Cisco Webex

With Cisco Webex, your meeting rooms are transformed into a collaborative hub. No longer are meeting rooms a separate entity to the rest of your projects and teams – Webex brings everyone together, wherever they are located, into a single persistent collaborative space, where all your content, presentations and work lives.
Go into your meeting room and continue where you last finished off. Access your content, people and conversations straight from the Spark Room system, share files and images, invite your teams to chat via video, whether they are at their desktop in the office, at home, or on their mobile. Then when the meeting has ended, everything you’ve worked on is still available and accessible from anywhere at a later date

Cisco Spark Room 55 Datasheet