Cisco Webex Room 70

Cisco Webex Room 70

The Cisco Webex Room 70 is the largest and latest offering in the Cisco Webex Room Series portfolio. The Room 70 has “built for both” investment protection: you can register it on premises today with an easy migration to Cisco WebEx teams for the workflow benefits of cloud collaboration and many of the new AI features.

Seeing cameras and screens in an entirely new way

The Room 70 is an all-in-one device with a powerful codec, a quad camera, and 70-inch single or dual display with integrated speakers and microphones. It’s ideal for rooms that seat up to 14 people and works for local meetings as well as for connecting a remote team.

Configurations: The Room 70 is available in two configurations:

  • The single-display option puts the focus on the people in the meeting
  • The dual-screen adds a bold content-sharing experience that works whether everyone is in the same room or around the globe.


Cameras: The Cisco Webex Room 70’s quadruple 5k camera cluster means that one camera always has a full-room view. This enables faster, more intelligent framing of the room and active speakers for a better visual experience. A related diagnostic mode provides people count metrics for room utilization analysis.

Screens: The 4k screens provide amazing clarity and resolution, including when participants are engaging in Cisco Webex whiteboard sessions.

Intuitive Meetings with AI

The Cisco WebEx Room device portfolio uses the NVIDIA Jetson platform, the same platform many self-driving cars use. That makes sense when you think about how both leverage camera technology with machine learning. Our engineers have capitalized on this processing power to provide advanced capabilities that include AI, especially when registered to Cisco Spark.

Here’s what they are delivering (and it’s just the beginning):

  • Voice control: Voice control using the new Cisco Webex Assistant (first half of 2018) enables you use to voice commands to start and end a scheduled meeting, dial a person, and even to search the directory.
  • Automatic noise suppression: The device software detects and reduces non-voice sounds to minimize disruptive noise coming from the room when no one is speaking. Think typing, paper rustling, and dog barking (first half of 2018). It automatically raises the sound levels up when someone begins to speak. WebEx users have already seen the value with a similar noise-detection capability.
  • Face recognition: We are continuing to invest in technologies to continuously improve the answer to the questions: Who’s in the room? Who is speaking?

 Key facts about the Cisco Webex Room 70:

  • Based on Cisco Webex Room Kit Plus platform
  • Available single and dual 70” 4K screen configurations
  • Quad camera bar for deeper and larger rooms – for more discreet speaker tracking and best overview capabilities
  • Stereo sound optimized for voice

Key features of Cisco Webex Room Series:

  • Smart meetings: Powerful, integrated cameras deliver intelligent view capabilities, such as automatic framing and speaker tracking
  • Smart presentations: Dual screens, dual content sources, wireless sharing, and 4K content support great presentations
  • Smart integrations: People-count function for usage metrics and resource allocation; tight integration with screens for enhanced functionalities
  • Powerful AI engine: Ongoing roll-out of AI features for intuitive meetings
  • Registration flexibility: Built for both cloud and on-premises deployment, protecting your investment

Cisco spark Room 70 Datasheet