Videxio Cloud

Video calling, Video meetings and simplified live streaming / recording. Video communication for every occasion on a dedicated, truly global network.

Video Meetings & Video calling  videoxio-skypeinterop-illustration-v2

Video makes business communications better, more productive, and more human. Video meetings and calls from any device in dedicated meeting rooms through the cloud. When you and your team communicate, don’t just be heard, be seen.

Fully compatible with Skype for Business

Each participant can access your meeting room via a Skype for Business account, offering full video and audio functionality, including 2-way screen sharing.

Simple and Scalable Video meetings

Video meetings should be easy. Each license provides a virtual meeting room hosted in the cloud. One room enables simple video meetings in just a few clicks for up to 50 video or audio participants.

A committed subscription service for videoconferencing units videxio simple-420h-1-v2

Unlimited HD calling on a committed video platform with automated network management. From personal video units to large room systems, each subscription offers the power of face-to-face meetings with any video user with standards-based videoconferencing (SIP/H.323).

Safe, secure calls over a trusted network

All calls are encrypted and carried through our dedicated global video network instead of the public internet whilst each subscription provides your videoconferencing unit with its own unique address.  So it’s simple to use video calling to carry out even your most critical communications.

Compatible with the industry leaders videxio work with industry

The subscriptions are compatible with a wide selection of models offered by the leading industry suppliers of videoconferencing units, including Cisco, Huawei, and Polycom to ensure high-quality performance and ease-of-use on every call.

A streaming / recording solution

Create and record amazing video events with hosts and participants in multiple locations, for audiences of any size. Use a Videxio virtual meeting room to stream / record events with up to 50 video feeds. Audiences watch via a live stream, or recording link, in their browser on your chosen third-party streaming platform. So there’s no limit to the size of audience you can reach, whilst people can start watching without having to download extra software or plugins first.

videxio Streaming-and-Recording-suggestion

Choose to share the live stream link and / or the recording link however you want, either publicly or privately, to reach the audience you want.


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