Logitech MS Teams Skype Room system

Logitech Skype Room system-expansion bundle

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For groups up to 30 people – the Logitech MS Teams Skype room system – bundle contains

  • Logitech Smart Dock
  • Logitech Dock Extender
  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Windows 10 Ent License
  • Software installation/image
  • Logitech Group
  • Logitech Group Expansion Micsrsz_logitech-smartdock-skype-room

Any meeting place can become a video collaboration space. Logitech GROUP with Smart Dock is as simple to use as a mobile phone and as affordable as an office chair.

High Definition Video

compliant with small 500

Bring meetings to life with GROUP™s high-quality HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second. H.264 compression reduces bandwidth. 10x zoom provides close ups with detail and clarity. ZEISS lens certification meets high standards for video quality. Autofocus simplifies setup.

Natural Sounding Audio

Everyone hears and can be heard with GROUP’s duplex speakerphone, which delivers sound thats crisp, clear, and highly intelligible. Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology make conversations natural-sounding while reducing reverberation and ambient noise.


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