Crestron Flex C100 Series

Crestron Flex C100 Series

The Crestron Flex C100 provides the flexibility to build your perfect space and still deliver a flawless meeting experience. It includes everything you need to successfully integrate with your existing room design. As Crestron’s flagship integrated UC product, the Crestron Flex C100 brings touch control to the enterprise, ensuring a consistent, simple experience in every space, from the boardroom to the auditorium. Crestron brings Skype® for Business, Microsoft Teams™, and Zoom Rooms™ video collaboration to any custom space with our Integrator Kit, while still leveraging the power of our Crestron XiO Cloud™ provisioning and management platform.


Also see the Flex M100 and B100 series



With an attractive design and unrivaled practicality, the Crestron TSW-1060 touch screen delights the user and delivers native platform experiences from Microsoft with a minimum of distractions. A large, high-resolution color display showing a native partner user interface lies at the center of the UC experience.  The TSW-1060 provides nothing less than the absolute best touch screen experience available anywhere.

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The Crestron UC ENGINE is the driving force in a Crestron Flex C100 meeting space. With an incredibly powerful Intel® NUC PC at its core, the UC ENGINE ensures a flawless meeting experience no matter the type of space, number of participants, type of presentation content, or number of video streams.  The UC ENGINE interfaces directly with the Crestron Flex C100, Huddly IQ® video conferencing camera, and HD to USB video converter (HD-CONV-USB-200) to provide a simple UC experience anywhere.

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