Logitech TAP – Advancement in Meeting Room Environments – ZOOM Rooms!

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Tap couples the purpose-built utility and robust build quality of a meeting room touch control panel Logitech Tap – Streamlines and simplifies the deployment and use of video conferencing in any meeting room.with the affordability and flexibility of a tablet. It delivers one-touch video calling and simplicity for users in an IT-friendly design ideal for deployment at scale.

Featuring a 10.1-inch touchscreen, HDMI input for content sharing, and robust cable retention, Logitech Tap is designed and engineered for reliable convenience in the meeting room. A range of table, riser and wall mounts offer tremendous placement flexibility, while in-wall rated cabling enables topologies and room layouts that please the eye as well as IT.

Logitech Room Solution Packages for Zoom Rooms include all necessary components in one package, Including:

Logitech Tap touch controller

Logitech conference  cam system

Small form factor computer pre-installed with ZOOM Rooms.


Choose from our Small Medium and Large Bundles to suit your requirements

Logitech Large Room Solution for ZOOM Rooms

Logitech Medium Room Solution for ZOOM Rooms

Logitech Small Room Solution for ZOOM  Rooms


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