Silex PTE series (Panoramic Telepresence Experience)

Silex PTE Series

Imagine replacing all the possible displays available on your desk or on your meeting room table with a single trendy all-in-one executive solution. No need to switch from a display to another anymore; you can access all your data, share content from any device and run your video calls from the SILEX PTE.Silex PTE
Silex PTE series (Panoramic Telepresence Experience), is a set of professional all-in-one Group Collaboration systems designed as portable Center of Table (CoT) units. Silex PTE is all you need to transform your small to medium meeting room into a collaboration room. Simply place your Silex PTE system in the center of your table, sit around it and conduct your local and video meetings in the most natural and productive way.

Your all-in-one plug-and-play PTE system comes with touch screens, HD cameras, a Sennheiser speakerphone, a presentation system, a video conferencing unit, an annotation system, multi sided interactive white boards, session recording, PC based operating system, intuitive user interface and much more.Silex PTE
Silex PTE product family, converts widely available personal systems from leading UC companies, into powerful intuitive and professional business Group Collaboration systems. it offers a set of unique innovative practical concepts such as: the CoT concept, unmatched eye contact, the most versatile clientless/Wireless CYOD (Connect Your Own Device) feature, three unique stylish and trendy shaped designs, multi sided annotation from any of the screens which can be seen in real time from the local and remote participants and a new approach for the User Interface in hidden sliding drawer menus.

The Silex PTE collaboration systems are available in two different models:
a. Silex PTE Trio: with 3 screens and HD cameras in a prism shape, this system is suitable for small rooms.
b. Silex PTE Quattro: with 4 screens and HD cameras in a cubical shape, this system is suitable for medium rooms.