Cisco Meraki Wireless

Prior to wireless networks, setting up a computer network in a business, home or school often required running many cables through walls and ceilings in order to deliver network access to all of the network-enabled devices in the building. With the creation of the wireless access point, network users are now able to add devices that access the network with few or no cables.

A WAP normally connects directly to a wired Ethernet connection and the WAP then provides wireless connections using radio frequency links for other devices to utilize that wired connection. This technology has now extended into the cloud and a range of cloud based controllers are available to manage your WAPs minimizing the administrative overhead, housing space and expenses to maintain these networks.

Cisco Meraki

The Cisco Meraki portfolio of networking devices are centrally managed from the cloud. This feature-rich, easy-to-use cloud architecture enables customers to solve new business problems and reduce operating costs.> Click here to find more about Cisco Meraki