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Looking to jump-start your audio conferencing from the boardroom to the desktop? Look no further than Revolabs and ClearOne. Offering simple plug-n’- play for audio conferencing in mid- to large-size conference rooms, executive offices, and SoHo environment. High quality audio conferencing systems are critical for enabling productive meetings where decisions are made quickly and important issues are addressed.

Revolabs- Hear Every Wordrevolabs logo

Revolabs makes conference phones and audio equipment for conferencing in any environment, from desktops to corporate boardrooms and auditoriums, large university lecture halls, broadcast and production studios, and more. Revolabs creates audio solutions that enable crystal clear communication for productive collaboration.

Revolabs Conference Phones  Revolabs_phone

Recognizing the need for higher quality audio in telephone conference calls, Revolabs delivers clear conference audio solutions in a line of innovative conference phones. Customers can select from wired or wireless VoIP, USB, and Bluetooth enabled phone options to fit with their existing and future telephone technologies such as video conferencing, softphone calls, web applications, on premise or hosted IP PBXs, and more. Designed to fit the needs of conference spaces and huddle rooms, Revolabs telephony products offer ultra-wide bandwidth, integrated acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), and superior speaker volume.

Revolabs Conference Phone Range

FLX200, FLX2020, FLX2101, FLX2200, FLX2002, FLXUC500, FLXUC1500, FLXUC1000

Revolabs Microphones revolabs mic

Revolabs origins began with high performance microphone products and we continue to be an expert and leader in the audio solutions for unified conferencing and collaboration. Revolabs addresses the crucial aspects of call clarity and quality with built for speech technology, using leading-edge engineering, and industrial design. Multiple microphone solutions provide flexible options for various meeting spaces such as multi-purpose rooms, corporate boardrooms, offices, and lecture halls. Whether your application requires the freedom of wireless microphones for conferencing and voice lift, or wired microphones for a fixed solution, Revolabs delivers the perfect audio performance everytime.

Single and Dual Channel

Small and compact, the Single & Dual Channel system is great for small room conferencing, mobile video carts, and other conferencing settings.

4 and 8 Channel

Enjoy seamless audio performance in high-end boardrooms and auditoriums with Revolabs full range of 4 & 8 Channel systems.

USB System revolabs mics

Designed specifically to provide USB audio for both PC and Mac users without the need to wear a headset or bulky transmitter, Revolabs wireless microphone system’s compact charger combines receiver and charger functionality in one sleek device.

Wireless Microphones

Each of Revolabs wireless microphone systems have a selection of microphone types to choose from that best suit the needs of any environment and application.


ClearOne- You’re Virtually There

clear one

ClearOne UC Voice- Chat Series chat-2 clearone

ClearOne’s personal conferencing products have become popular with large and small enterprises alike. The CHAT speakerphone and headset products provide unmatched full-duplex audio clarity and connect to a wide variety of devices for conferencing wherever and whenever you want. INTERACT solutions provide complete room audio conferencing solutions, compatible with PCs or laptops running a variety of unified communications software.

ClearOne Chat Range

Chat50 , Chat150, ChatAttach150, Chat60-U, Chat160, ChatAttach160, Chat170, ChatAttach170, ChatMAX, 


ClearOne Microphones

Designed with compatibility in mind, ClearOne professional microphones fit into any commercial group meeting environment. Attractive in any corporate group setting, ClearOne professional microphones deliver crystal-clear audio, reduce conference table clutter and enliven the conference setting.

Beamforming Microphone Array-2 Beamforming_Microphone_Table_Mount

ClearOne’s second-generation Beamforming Mic Array is the professional-grade microphone array with beamforming and adaptive steering, ClearOne’s next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Cancellation

Beamforming Microphone Array

The industry’s first professional Beamforming Mic Array is the professional-grade microphone array redefined professional microphones and installed audio.

Wireless Microphone System HD-Executive-8-Channel-Front-with-Mics

The WS800 Digital Wireless Microphone System is optimized to work with CONVERGE Pro and INTERACT Pro products and perfectly complements ClearOne’s professionally installed audio conferencing product lines. The microphone system uses radio-frequency digital wireless signal transmission technology with highly secure encryption.

TableTop Microphones

ClearOne offers multiple tabletop microphone options for a variety of conferencing audio needs. The Delta Mic’s sleek design accentuates teleconferencing with high-performance audio quality; the unidirectional tabletop mic provides high-performance audio quality with minimal microphone visibility; button mics are ideal as a discreet, professional conferencing audio option.

Ceiling Microphones

The ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array enhances any conferencing application which demands high-quality audio. Easily installed and affordable, the Ceiling Microphone Array delivers unbeatable conferencing sound with the most unobtrusive microphone placement option.