Small & Medium Businesses

For a long time video conferencing was something that larger companies would use to help reduce travel costs and improve relationships with customers. Video Conferencing and Collaboration tools provide a solution to many of the challenges faced, whether this be increased connectivity with team members, increased impact during presentations, finding and developing executive talent, saving money on travel, being able to access colleagues from anywhere, gaining access to specialists or improving personal connections with clients and customers.>more info

Finance & Banking

The financial industry has to provide a high quality service to clients whilst reducing overheads and increasing productivity. Financial services are dependent upon responding immediately to fluctuations in the market and staying ahead of constantly changing financial policies while improving customer loyalty and service.>more info


eVideo have communication solutions enabling a rich learning environments for teachers, educators and their students. Create a collaborative experience with video conferencing, touch screens and innovative technology. Classrooms become the perfect environment for swapping ideas among students, educators, and experts worldwide while suitable a variety of learning styles.>more info


Cisco and Polycom technology use the power of networked technologies to reduce barriers to healthcare access. When local medical providers, governments, and specialty hospitals collaborate using these technologies, they can improve efficiency and increase access to care in remote areas.>more info