Cisco Webex Free 30-day Webex Licenses Due to Coronavirus

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Cisco Webex Cloud Conferencing – Increase Meeting Productivity, Engagement, and Reach

WebEx 30 Day free trial. Cisco WebEx Meetings + Cisco WebEx Teams is the online meeting software for video chat, file sharing, screen sharing & group meetings


    Five Key Advantages of Cisco Webex

      • User Experience – Activity circles which easily direct you where to do what you want to do and has the same user experience across all devices.
      • One Meeting Architecture – There are worldwide datacentres which are hosting Webex which means data uses the nearest service location, no transmission of data across the world for local calls which can add network latency, jitter and packet loss hindering the experience.
      • Physical & Virtual – WebEx  is on any device physical or virtual, whether in your pocket on your mobile or an endpoint in a boardroom. User based licensing means you decide what device and medium you use for your call; proximity enables this capability.
      • True Hybrid Platform – You can use a mixture of cloud and on premise environments without feature gaps on either platform, protect your current investment and allow for backward compatibility if you want to deploy more on premise in the future.
      • Open & Extensible – The Webex platform is open source and has an extensive library of APIs and bots which can be used to integrate any platforms the customers use. The entire Cisco Webex platform is API strings in the backend.


    Add voice and video calling

    Add a new Cisco Webex cloud-based phone system. Or ask us about Cisco Hybrid Services and connect your existing Cisco phone system and its hardware to Cisco Webex.

    • Meetings with up to 200 participants on the Webex platform including guest invites and scheduled conferences.
    • Meetings with up to 25 participants on the Webex platform with registered users
    • Use Webex Spaces to post Messages, Chat & Share Files
    • Collaborative White boarding Sessions where all participants can annotate together
    •  Integrate with compatible third party applications and bots
    • Recording on the WebEx Platform
    • Join from Computer, Mobile, Tablet, Skype For Business or Standards Based Endpoint
    • Register endpoints directly for integrated directory, simplified dial by name and much more

    FAQ for Cisco WebEx Service

    Cloud video conferencing comparison for Cisco Webex, Blue Jeans, MS Teams,  Zoom, Lifesize, Yealink,  & Blue jeans

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