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It’s a problem that enterprises face time and time again. A team or department within your organisation needs to schedule a meeting. They end up booking a boardroom or conference room for an hour or two in the middle of the week. The next day, though, another team or department is looking to schedule a meeting in the same room at the same time. Suddenly you have dozens of departmental meetings, all jockeying for the limited boardroom space you have in your office.


At eVideo Communications, we have the solution to this conundrum, in the form of huddle room equipment in Australia. Before we start talking about the importance of huddle room equipment, though, let’s try to understand why huddle rooms have come to be important in the first place.

The Segmented Nature of Modern Business

The truth is that using boardrooms and conference rooms for meetings is becoming a less and less efficient practice. The nature of modern business requires companies to be more versatile and more segmented than ever before, which means that teams are becoming more and more dispersed. This dispersal leads to teams that are under ten people in size—rather than departments that have upwards of 20 or 30 people.

Needless to say, letting a group of, say, six people occupy an entire boardroom for two hours isn’t ideal. The boardroom should be for meetings of larger groups. With so many different smaller teams within your organisation, you need more meeting spaces, and you need them to be smaller.

That’s where huddle rooms come into the equation. A huddle room is a smaller meeting area in an office that is ideal for the smaller and more dispersed groups that make up many modern businesses. Huddle rooms in Australia are also equipped with telecommunications products and software, to allow for teleconferencing, video presentations and more. These systems give teams everything they need to go over projects, communicate with remote employees and arrive at key decisions without monopolising larger spaces in your office.


Find Huddle Room Products in Australia

Scheduling individual team meetings within your organisation shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare. You shouldn’t have a team of four or five people occupying a boardroom meant for four or five times that. By resolving to convert a few smaller offices or meeting rooms in your office to huddle rooms, you can avoid both of these common pitfalls.

At eVideo Communications, we specialise in an array of huddle room equipment in Australia. From display screens to robust video cameras and microphones, we can equip you with everything you need to set up the perfect huddle room (or huddle rooms) within your company’s office space. We also carry huddle room software in Australia, so you can choose right video conferencing software for your purposes.

Are you interested in moving into the age of telecommuting, smaller teams and more efficient usage of space? Get in touch with eVideo Communications for help finding the right huddle room equipment in Australia. You can reach us by dialling 1800 111 387.