Yealink MVC300-II-C2-600

MVC300 II-C2-600 – Microsoft Teams Rooms System for Focus and Small Rooms with CP900 Speakerphone

Yealink MVC II series are native and easy-to-use video conferencing solutions specially designed for Microsoft Teams rooms.  The MVC II series provides a full-scene video conference solution to cover all of the meeting rooms from large to small.  According to the unique characteristics of the video conferencing room, a high-performance mini-PC is specially released.  In the design of mini-PC, it takes into account both aesthetics and practicability, that fully integrating the cable management with itself to provide a exible and reliable deployment solution for any meeting room.  The MVC II series features the native Microsoft Teams-tailored user interface that is easy to be operated with close-to-zero learning curve, and you just walk into the meeting room and start your scheduled Teams or Skype for Business meeting with one-touch join.  The Yealink MVC300 includes an UVC30-Room ultra HD 4K camera and a CP900 HD full duplex speakerphone to meet the requirements of focus and small meeting rooms.

In the Yealink MVC II room system, easy deployment of any MTR rooms is possible in both focus rooms and extra-large spaces. The MCore cable management solution integrates data transmission and power supply cables into one CAT5e cable, connecting the TV area and the conference table area, which provides a straightforward solution to complicated cabling and reduces the deployment time.  Explore the Yealink MVCII MTR room system right now, and experience the tremendous ease of enjoying your Teams meeting.


Single Cable Technology

4K UHD Resolution

Auto Framing

Wireless Content Sharing

6-Microphone Array

Device Management

Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Covering The Room

UVC30 · 120° FoV 4K Camera

Even in small spaces, the MVC 300 II meeting screen displays a wide field of view perfectly. Auto-framing and a 120° wide-angle lens enables the UVC30 to recognize and frame all participants of the meeting in the most appropriate view. Thanks to the 4K resolution, all participants can enjoy a vivid Teams meeting experience.

Package Content

• MCore Mini-PC
• MTouch II touch panel
• UVC30-Room 4K USB camera
• CP900 HD speakerphone

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