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eVideo can provide you with a plan to suit your business.  Packages and pricing vary as theyinterner solution are tailored to suit your needs.

Selecting the right Internet access can determine the efficiency of your business. From IP-Line to Business Broadband, we offer a host of flexible solutions that satisfy crucial performance criteria such as speed, cost, and reliability.

If your Internet service does not match your usage requirements, it will not only slow work activity it can also affect your operating costs.

From IP-Line to our superior Content Delivery Network (CDN) we have a solution that will match your needs.

Fibre is now available in a lot of locations and address must be prequalified.

Fibre packages start from as little as $395 per month for unlimited internet @ 400 mbps.  Please use our enquiry form or call us for a quotation.


Installation fee 24 month term 36 month term
$0 $795.00 $695.00
$1090 $645.00 $545.00
$2190 $495.00 $395.00

Prices above do not include GST.

We can also supply Ethernet broadband and ADSL2+ where fibre is not available.


Take advantage of one of our bundled packages that are amongst the most competitive in the market. Call us for pricing – 1800 111 387 or email  for a quote

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