Neat Bar

Neat Bar & Neat Pad

The Neat Bar  is a simple yet elegant device that can turn any room into a Zoom Room or Teams Room.

Meetings are a crucial part of your business. They help you get things done and keep everyone on the same page. But if your  meeting room technology is outdated, or if you can’t see and hear everyone clearly, it’s not going to be a productive meeting. Neat designs simple and elegant video devices for Microsoft and Zoom that help make the meeting space experience the best it can be. Advanced smart room sensor technology enables you to monitor air quality and people counting for healthier, lower-cost rooms. At the same time, crystal clear audio and video mean you can always precisely see and hear everyone, no matter where or how they position themselves in the room.

Neat was founded in Oslo, Norway by a team of creative mavericks that have shaped game-changing innovations for some of the world’s most recognized video communications brands over decades of innovation-driven experience.


We can help you create exceptional video conferencing experiences. We have all Neat’s products in Australia and are available from eVideo Communications as well as Australia-Wide installation and support, if you don’t see something online please chat with us!

Some of the benefits include

•  Capability to drive 3 large screens

•  2 extreme resolution cameras with 16x zoom.

•  Neat Audio processing, meaning no background noise and crystal clear audio.


Simple to Setup

Everything you need to connect Neat Bar to your TV or monitor is in the box, so it’s easy for anyone to install and set up. Just plug in the cables, and Neat Bar will auto-pair with Neat Pad. What’s more, because Neat Bar and Neat Pad have auto flip, they instantly realign your view, regardless of how you mount or position them.

Just Works

Neat Bar self-activates the moment you walk in the room, immediately turning on your meeting room monitor and checking you into the room. Then with just one tap, you can wirelessly share your screen or start your meeting. It also instinctively frames you perfectly and auto releases the room when you leave.

For Wherever You Work

Neat Bar is incredibly versatile and easy to set up. It comes with everything you need, including Neat Pad, our dynamic controller and scheduler, as well as multiple mounting options. Both Neat Bar and Neat Pad can be connected either wired or wirelessly to your network, so there’s no need to run any cables across the room. Better still, because of Neat Bar’s compact design, it’s easily portable. Meaning you can take it wherever you work. From your remote office to any meeting, huddle, focus or open space.

Elegant Video Solutions built for Zoom & Teams

Neat’s advanced video hardware solutions support both Zoom and Microsoft Teams users for more closely connected, productive and safer hybrid work environments. Neat’s complete portfolio of devices will be certified for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams and will run Zoom and MS Rooms for Android, empowering Neat to further help drive innovation across meeting spaces to address today’s hybrid workplace needs.

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