What is Collaboration?

Incorporating voice, video, mobility so you can collaborate better

Collaboration creates a unified workspace by integrating data, IP communications and collaboration products and applications into a single, unified system.

Cloud  Collaboration platforms remove complexity by simplifying the architecture to a standards based IP platform. Integrating Voice, Data, Video and Applications into a single platform provides customers with seamless, end-to-end communications which will enable your business to communicate more efficiently and provide a better service to your customers

We can design, deploy and manage everything for you

Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need

Access and share video on the desktop, on the road, and on-demand, as easily as making a phone call

Facilitate better team interactions, dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams

Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network so mobile workers can be productive anywhere

Innovate across the value chain by integrating collaboration and communications into applications and business processes

You can do so much with a collaboration solution


Cost-effective, secure and scale-able conferencing with high quality voice and video

Customer Care

Proactively connect people with the information, expertise, and support they need


Run voice, data and video communications over a single, converged network


View real-time presence information and communicate using email, instant messaging, and voice mail or unified messaging

Mobile Applications

Leverage your smartphone to become an extension of the enterprise network

eVideo Australia’s Fastest Growing Collaboration company Works with all platforms, Meeting space, Anywhere-Anytime-Any device, Mobile cloud

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Why Huddle Rooms Are Important for Your Business

It’s a problem that enterprises face time and time again. A team or department within your organisation needs to schedule a meeting. They end up booking a boardroom or conference room for an hour or two in the middle of the week. The next day, though, another team or department is looking to schedule a meeting in the same room at the same time. Suddenly you have dozens of departmental meetings, all jockeying for the limited boardroom space you have in your office.


At eVideo Communications, we have the solution to this conundrum, in the form of huddle room equipment in Australia. Before we start talking about the importance of huddle room equipment, though, let’s try to understand why huddle rooms have come to be important in the first place.

The Segmented Nature of Modern Business

The truth is that using boardrooms and conference rooms for meetings is becoming a less and less efficient practice. The nature of modern business requires companies to be more versatile and more segmented than ever before, which means that teams are becoming more and more dispersed. This dispersal leads to teams that are under ten people in size—rather than departments that have upwards of 20 or 30 people.

Needless to say, letting a group of, say, six people occupy an entire boardroom for two hours isn’t ideal. The boardroom should be for meetings of larger groups. With so many different smaller teams within your organisation, you need more meeting spaces, and you need them to be smaller.

That’s where huddle rooms come into the equation. A huddle room is a smaller meeting area in an office that is ideal for the smaller and more dispersed groups that make up many modern businesses. Huddle rooms in Australia are also equipped with telecommunications products and software, to allow for teleconferencing, video presentations and more. These systems give teams everything they need to go over projects, communicate with remote employees and arrive at key decisions without monopolising larger spaces in your office.

Find Huddle Room Products in Australia

Scheduling individual team meetings within your organisation shouldn’t be a logistical nightmare. You shouldn’t have a team of four or five people occupying a boardroom meant for four or five times that. By resolving to convert a few smaller offices or meeting rooms in your office to huddle rooms, you can avoid both of these common pitfalls.

At eVideo Communications, we specialise in an array of huddle room equipment in Australia. From display screens to robust video cameras and microphones, we can equip you with everything you need to set up the perfect huddle room (or huddle rooms) within your company’s office space. We also carry huddle room software in Australia, so you can choose right video conferencing software for your purposes.

Are you interested in moving into the age of telecommuting, smaller teams and more efficient usage of space? Get in touch with eVideo Communications for help finding the right huddle room equipment in Australia. You can reach us by dialling 1800 111 387.

Make Your Business More Productive, with Videoconferencing Room Equipment, Products and Software.

Decades ago, the idea of being able to sit in a room and speak to others around the nation or even globally through a screen seemed more like science fiction than reality. With the ubiquity of the Internet and the growth of high-speed data transmission, though, video meeting software took off in Australia and around the world. Now people in many different locations could gather together for a successful, productive meeting, just as if they worked in the same building together. Perhaps your business implemented a version of a video meeting system some time ago. While it may still perform adequately, it may no longer meet the demands of your business.

It should be simple to communicate through a video meeting program with others around Australia. If your system suffers from slowdowns, disconnections, or just being out of date, it’s time for an upgrade.

The professionals at eVideo Communications offer a consummate service from start to finish in furnishing these systems for businesses like yours. From first steps like determining your level of need to implementing Videoconferencing products in the office, we aim to meet every need. Consider a few ways in which modernising your video meeting software — or adding a new system — can get your meetings back on track.

Redefining collaboration with video meeting Hardware and  software in Australia

First and perhaps most importantly is the simple fact that a video program allows your staffers to interact with one another as if they were sitting at the same table. Businesses using such a system often see an astounding performance increase of nearly 65%. Management of projects becomes much easier when managers can touch base with team leads over video quickly and easily. It’s even easier for employees to ask important questions and get face to face feedback instantly. Overall, the potential to boost your business’s productivity and ability is quite large.

Also, using a video meeting program can help to cut down on wasted time. How often have you wasted time waiting for someone to reply to an important email, or return a voice mail? With the ability to reach someone right at their desk over video, touching base is a much simpler process. Finally, for major meetings, video software enables quick sharing of information, charts, graphs, and other important information. In other words, it’s an all-in-one package.

Let’s discuss setting up your teleconferencing needs

Avoid the wasted time and added costs that come from coping with a clunky video meeting system. Australia can trust the team at eVideo Communications whether you need a solution deployed in Sydney, Gold coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Melbourne. With offices around Australia and excellent 24/7 support* provided for all our customers, it is simple to make the first moves to upgrading your communication capabilities. Whether you’re arranging a video meeting with an important client or a team pushing towards a deadline, the benefits to your business are many-fold.

eVideo Communications is ready to take your call and schedule a demonstration to showcase the cutting edge in our field — ring us soon on 1800 111 387.

What is Mobile Collaboration ?? Understanding the Basics of Mobile Collaboration Equipment in Australia

At eVideo Communications, we specialise in mobile collaboration products in Australia. For the past 23 years, we have been helping businesses outfit their offices with mobile collaboration technology. But what does the term ‘mobile collaboration’ actually mean, and could this type of equipment benefit your business? Read on to find out.

Understanding the Basics of Mobile Collaboration Equipment in Australia

In the age of smartphones and tablets, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that mobile collaboration has something to do with mobile devices. However, the term ‘mobile collaboration’ actually predates most modern mobile devices. Instead, the ‘mobile’ in ‘mobile collaboration’ refers not to smartphones or other devices, but to mobile personnel.

The goal with mobile collaboration equipment in Australia is to make it so that people can meet, talk and collaborate even when they are in different locations. Modern work departments and project teams are becoming more dispersed in multiple ways. For one thing, most groups within businesses are smaller than they used to be. For another, many teams are spread out across multiple offices and include people who work from home and telecommute to work or incorporate members who are frequently travelling.

In a way, then, mobile collaboration is related to smartphones and tablets. Because of mobile devices that offer a lot of computing power and a slew of useful apps, it’s become easier than ever before for people to work from anywhere. Mobile collaboration systems are used to connect these dispersed team members so that they can cooperate and stay on the same page—despite their geographic distance.

Count on eVideo Communications to Fulfil Your Mobile Collaboration Needs

If you are in need of mobile collaboration products or mobile collaboration software in Australia, then eVideo Communications can help. We carry a vast array of products to help businesses like yours become more tech-savvy and collaborative.


Our products include a variety of audio and video conferencing solutions and collaboration tools. These tools integrate seamlessly with any device, be it a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone so that your teams can stay connected on the go. Perhaps an employee is supposed to Skype in for a video conference but can’t get the Internet to work in the hotel where he or she is staying. Our mobile collaboration solutions could allow that person to link up with the rest of your team via smartphone.

The list of scenarios where mobile collaboration products could be useful for your Australian business goes on and on. We even offer BYOD solutions (with BYOD standing for ‘bring your own device’) where your IT department can link other devices (the Apple Watch, for instance) into your mobile collaboration systems.

A team being separated by geography is no reason not to emphasise collaboration in your organisation. With the help of eVideo Communications, you can make it easier for everyone in your organisation to work together and keep in touch at all times. Call us on 1800 111 387 to learn more about our mobile collaboration equipment, software and other products today.

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We’ve been named as Yealink’s Premier Partner

We’ve been named the Premier Partner of Yealink –

Tom Morgan CEO and Managing Director has recently  signed an agreement with Yealink a leading Telecom-Unified communications global organisation to become premier partners in business.

Our partnership with Yealink allows eVideo Communications to be a leader Australia-wide and Global advanced features of Yealink’s industry-leading technologies.

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Latest Google Meet Videoconferencing solutions from Logitech and Lenovo

Moving forward with Google Meet and Workspace Videoconferencing solutions.

Logitech Tap w/ Logitech Rally Plus Conference Cam + Google Meets Chromebox – Large  Room Bundle

The large Tap bundle upgrades to Rally Plus with two speakers for clear audio throughout the room. Dual mic pods expand audio coverage for up to 16 people, and the complete system supports up to 7 mic pods for rooms with up to 46 seats.

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Lenovo Series One Google Meet Hardware Kit – Large Room – Charcoal Say hello to the new Google Meet hardware – Series One room kit, engineered exclusively for Google Meet. It’s designed to be immersive, effortless to install and use, and has a sleek, approachable design.

Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has come of age and is used in every industry. Recent developments in mobile devices and wireless networks have propelled further interest in being able to video information anytime, from anywhere. Generic applications of video conferencing are too numerous to mention. Any department of any organization where meetings take place—finance, engineering, human resources, manufacturing, marketing, product development, sales, training—is an appropriate place to use video conferencing to:

• Connect dispersed staff without travel
• Bring in remote experts for consultation or training
• Interview job candidates or witnesses
• Make a presentation to a vendor or customer
• View data and presentations on an on-demand or real-time basis
• Receive information at any time or place


The use of video conferencing has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency by reducing unproductive travel time, preventing meeting delays, creating shorter and more structured meetings and allowing for greater reach of a message. Video conferencing also allows for an increased number of participants. It is often difficult to get information to everyone at the same time, but with video conferencing, all individuals who need data can get the information when it is easiest for them.


The initial perceived and quantifiable benefit of video conferencing was reduction in travel costs. Initially, many organizations paid for the deployment of video conferencing with the reduction in travel budgets. While travel savings have been a recognizable benefit of video conferencing, there are many more qualitative benefits. Three
other major benefits of video conferencing are increased productivity and efficiency, improved management communications and enhanced business opportunities.


• Reduced travel risk
• Reduced unproductive travel time
• Prevented meeting delays
• Shorter meetings
• Structured meetings
• Larger participation
• Optimize attendance
• Immediate information exchange
• Faster response
• Access to experts
• Time-share scarce talent
• Quicker decisions


• More interface at all levels
• Increased flexibility



• Customer service
• Competitive advantage


Generic Applications

The top four applications in which video conferencing is used are:

• Management meetings
• Sales and marketing meetings
• Engineering, manufacturing, or production
• Training

This does not preclude other groups from using the technology (i.e., the HR department, the legal department, finance, etc.), but studies conducted by Telemanagement Resources International Inc. (TRI) have shown that the primary reasons that firms install video conferencing relate to the top four applications noted above.

Video conferencing has also been used for a variety of other applications, including product demonstrations to new customers, “town hall” type meetings and HR training. Given the longevity of video conferencing usage, all industries have developed useful applications for video conferencing. It is no longer a matter of if you will use video conferencing; it is only a matter of when.



Video conferencing provides tangible benefits to any organization. Devices that can handle video now range from handheld devices (i.e., phones and tablets) to high-end conference rooms. The technology is easier to use, cost is no longer an issue and connectivity happens almost anywhere. Video conferencing improves the way we work and provides us more time to spend with our family and friends.



eVideo eConnect who are the Leaders in Business VoIP, Enterprise VoIP, Hosted PBX-Call Centre

Expensive PBX phone systems are a thing of the past. Our ECONNECT affordable phone solution that comes with all the cloud PBX features needed to run your business.

With eConnect, you can bring your business phone number to our cloud, create interactive menu options like Auto-Attendant and have the flexibility to add more handsets as your business grows. If your Internet is down the system can automatically forward calls to your mobile at no extra cost. Plus, calls to standard Australian landlines and mobiles are unlimited so you don’t have to worry



Call Forward Enables a user to redirect calls to another destination.
Call Waiting Enables a user to answer a call while already engaged in another call.
Call Transfer Enables a user to transfer the caller to a third party.
Do Not Disturb Enables a user to set their station as unavailable so that incoming calls are given a busy treatment.
Simultaneous Ring Enables a user to have multiple phones ring simultaneously when any calls are received on their BizPhone phone number.
Call Park Enables a user to put a call on hold on one BizPhone handset and continue the call from another BizPhone handset.
Sequential Ring Enables a user to define a list of phone numbers that are alerted sequentially for incoming calls that match specified criteria.


Call us on 1800 111 387 for a FREE trial and consultation or email us on sales@evideo.com.au