Polycom EagleEye Director II

Get ready for your close-up with the only smart camera that makes every videoconference a true face-to-face experience.

Today, more people than ever are using video as a way to communicate across the globe.  Traditionally, conference rooms have been equipped with one camera at the front of the room.  While this allows people to still communicate and enjoy many of the benefits that video technology brings, there are some limitations for users.  Using the camera in the front of the room requires a person to operate the remote control in order to be seen up close.  IT teams often set camera presets to help users, but this is often overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming to most average users.  Because of this, most people will leave the camera view as-is when the enter the room.  Depending on the size of the room, this can leave a long bowling alley view for the other participants on the call.  It makes it hard for them to see who is in the room and they cannot pick up on critical body language and nonverbal cues of the presenter.  Many times, there is a need for a presenter to walk around to a white board but unless someone is familiar with operating the remote control, there will be a limited view for the participants on video

eagleeye director2

New technology has emerged that automatically finds faces and frames everyone in the room.  No one needs to use a remote control or do anything out of the ordinary.  People simply walk in and work without the frustration of using technology.  As people enter the room or leave, the camera notices and will reframe everyone in the room for the best view.

Finally, there is speaker tracking technology that goes one step further from group framing.  A person can begin speaking and the camera will automatically zoom in to show them up close.  This allows people at other sites to clearly see the nonverbal cues of that speaker, making the meeting more engaging and productive.  When the active speakers stops the view returns to show the entire group before showing another active speaker if applicable.  It’s a natural meeting experience where technology doesn’t get in the way of collaboration

automatic people tracking

Automatic people-tracking technology

People simply walk in and act naturally during a meeting, EagleEye Director II does all of the heavy lifting to show people up close.

  • Eliminate manual camera operation
  • Clearly identify everyone in a room
  • Zoom in on active speaker

Intimate and inclusive meetings

Experience the benefits of video conferencing with the ability to see speakers up close for an engaging, natural meeting experience.

  • See vital nonverbal cues up close
  • Maintain context with a smaller view of the entire room while a speaker is shown up close
  • Seamlessly switches the view from speaker to speaker with TV-production quality

Intelligent data analytics analysis

The power of EagleEye Director II extends beyond the conference room door by providing powerful data analytics to measure the return on investment.

  • Monitor room usage to ensure that automated conferences are being attended and not running in empty rooms.

EagleEye Director II Datasheet