Nowadays, every modern company is using video conferencing to stay connected. Whether it’s with international clients, collaborating with suppliers or working with a remote team, the industry has been growing consistently. Advanced Technology has now formed a part of a smarter video conferencing experience. We cover the top 4 innovations that are using technology to provide better experiences for users and build smarter systems.

“With the world working remotely at unprecedented levels there were two challenges that the Smart Collaboration Team at Lenovo experienced, when rolling out meeting room technology. The first was getting customers to visualise our portfolio inside a real meeting room. The second was to have easy access to the most relevant information from the product manuals. This project from our Worldwide marketing team continues to push the boundaries of how best to support Lenovo customers with current challenges, as well as ones that are being brought to light in the modern working world. Watch this space, as we continue to build more information and product ranges into the AR Room Visualiser.”

Tom Hamblyn (BDM ANZ)

Lenovo Augmented Reality Room Visualiser

Lenovo has recently developed an Augmented Reality solution that allows users to experience a virtual room filled with video conferencing gear. The first of its kind, Lenovo is creating unique customer experiences and engaging users with its brand [1]. By hovering over equipment, users can find out more information, explore the space and interact with the features inside the room.

Customers are bombarded with marketing messages every day, so Augmented Reality allows brands to showcase their offerings, inform and co-create brand experiences in an exciting and interactive way [2]. The immersive experience is available to the general public and there is no signup required before you can try this out for yourself. Tom Hamblyn (Business Development Manager ANZ) of Lenovo discusses the inspiration behind the project below.

Key Features


With online video calls being frequently used and employees splitting their time between working from home and the office, video conferencing hardware has never been more in demand. One of the suppliers that have harnessed this demand is Jabra. They have released camera systems that provide high resolution, as well as high pixel quality, regardless of the number of people in each frame.

This will mean that video calls will emulate having a meeting in real life, as every eye movement, alongside, any slight gesture is captured in real time. With every individual displayed in HD resolution, users can communicate more transparently, as no one is blurry in the frame. At a time when social connection is imperative and people are spending more time online, Jabra has truly leveraged the importance of human interaction by building this unique feature inside its cameras. To find out more about this, UTC covers the whole story.


AI Transcription and Noise Cancelling Technology

As immersive and easy video calls are, we all struggle to remember exactly what was said by whom, it happens to the best of us. Cloud-based video platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom have added transcription features to their video meetings so you never miss a word again. Virtual software companies, such as, allow users to capture the minutes of their meetings in real-time so they never have to remember what was discussed. Once a meeting concludes, users can simply download a PDF file and look over the content for every online meeting.

Alongside this, is the noise cancelling technology now available with Google hardware products. After Zoom took the initiative, Google shortly followed. It allows users to have video calls without background interactions affecting your audio quality. Everyone has been the victim of a barking dog or a noisy background conversation, which makes it impossible to hear on the other end. This feature cuts the background noise out of every video call and shifts the focus back on the presenter. Therefore, enhancing communication and making the video conferencing experience more enjoyable.


IQ for Sales by Zoom

IQ for sales, allows sales teams to become more effective by capturing valuable data recorded from real customer interactions. It provides an opportunity to improve your sales process with an overview of key data generated after every call. Managers can analyse data such as, how many questions their team asked on sales calls, how fluid an interaction was and how many interactions progressed through their sales funnel. This feature uses the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to capture detailed information and inform teams for better decision making in the future.

This solves the issues of tracking your team’s performance, development of relationships with key clients and so much more. It’s an excellent addition to any professional sales team looking to enhance their performance. With so many attributes, it’s only a matter of time until sales teams everywhere will leverage this technology. Zoom continually manages to stay in the forefront of video conferencing technology and it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

Key Features

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