Collaborative space

mobile workforce

Your workforce is among the 1.5B mobile workers around the globe. With on-the-go meetings becoming the new norm, they expect instant connectivity, and access to content wherever they work.

A remote workforce needs:

  • User friendly tools
  • High quality audio, content and video
  • Seamless experience across any device

Meet face to face wherever you are.

As traditional offices give way to combinations of public and private workspaces, your business needs flexibility. More than 40% of workers say the opportunity to work from anywhere is important—and they expect to participate fully from anywhere.

Involving the team

It is a well known fact that employee engagement and business relationships is a powerful factor in business success. Engaged employees are more productive and more profit generating, with employee job satisfaction playing a key part in driving a business forwards. But engagement with an increasingly dispersed workforce can be a difficult task.

  • How can distant managers cultivate relationships and support staff?
  • Can a service be provided to customers wanting engagement outside the 9-5?
  • How can home workers build relationships with colleagues, suppliers and clients?
  • Can a remote worker really provide positive input into a meeting?

Advances in technology and a properly implemented communication solution is the answer to engagement. We recognise the need to see the person we are talking to face to face via phone, tablet or PC.

With over 50% of our team working remotely from the office and based at home, eVideo  put what they preach into practise. With dedicated video desktop solutions deployed to our home workers alongside MS Teams, Zoom, Webex UC clients on the PC, our employees feel engaged, part of the team and are available to chat in high definition, at the press of a button.

Create Collaboration Culture

Bridging distance with professional video conferencing solutions provides the visual connection between employees and customers, but video on it’s own cannot replace all of the features of an in-person meeting. How do you share information with your colleagues? View spreadsheet data? Annotate designs or drawings? Collaborate with your team?

mobile collaboration2

The answer is Remote Collaboration. Remote Collaboration tools allow employees to share documents and work on the same drawings in real-time, giving you and your employees the opportunity to collaborate remotely, globally and more effectively, no matter where you are located, or what device you are using. Remote Collaboration, paired with a Video Conferencing system, provides effective video collaboration for you to deploy across your whole organisation. Have you thought about:

  • Datasharing & presentation sharing?
  • Solutions to remotely manipulate files, images, videos and applications?
  • Using touch screens  in the meeting room with employees collaborating in realtime from their laptops & tablets?
  • Web conferencing and content through  Zoom, MS teams, WebEx?

eVideo can provide solutions for remote collaboration for all of your employees, whether they are located at home, in the office, on an oil rig, on a ranch or in a remote town. As Australia’s most experienced integrator, we can provide collaboration solutions as part of a Unified Communications Solution, video conferencing deployment or stand-alone, on-premise or in the cloud. Talk to us now about how your business can create a collaboration culture and boost productivity across every department.

Working from home


Businesses are recognising the benefits of enabling employees to work from home, which include:

  • Higher productivity – ability to work interrupted
  • Skill retention – grater commitment from staff & grater loyalty
  • Happier staff, higher morale, more motivation & good staff relations
  • Office space & facilities go further with reduced overheads
  • Better work/life balance – family friendly = more people able to be employed

Home office workers need:

  • A secure connection
  • High quality audio, content and video
  • Technology that replicates the in-office experience

Businesses enabling employees to work from home are also thought to create a positive, dynamic and flexible image of the company, and ensures companies focus on measuring outputs and not time served.

eVideo  can provide both endpoints and infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the cloud, for your home working requirements, to ensure all your employees can be connected, securely, and at the highest quality possible. With our  cloud based video conferencing solutions, and our expertise in network interoperability, speak to us now and find out how you can benefit from homeworking too.

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