Video Conferencing in Brisbane

Video Conferencing in Brisbane

In today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment, it’s not always efficient or effective to meet with clients and suppliers/service providers in person. Since videoconferencing has become more accessible and affordable, more businesses have taken advantage of the flexibility and cost savings that virtual meetings provide.  eVideo has been helping Brisbane based organisations with their virtual and remote communications needs for many years, and we would be happy to supply video conferencing in Brisbane to help connect your offices either locally or worldwide.

We supply the major brands ie Cisco and Polycom along with Aver, Yealink and Huawei – there is a solution for every budget.  We will work with you to find out the best solution for your office.  Do not hesitate to call our office on 1800 111 387.  We can also supply Extron or Crestron for your boardroom automation.  Automate your blinds, lights, video conferencing system  via a control panel.


We provide a range of flexible solutions, individually designed to meet your connectivity and communication needs. Whether it’s a simple camera and monitor setup, or a whole-room setup with separate microphones and a touch screen, we’ll ensure you get the comprehensive solution you need.    If you’re simply looking for a replacement piece of equipment or a DIY setup, we also have an online shop which has cameras, projectors, monitors, audio products, portable monitor trolleys, smart touch screens, electronic whiteboards and more.

We are certified resellers of Cisco and Polycom equipment.

For more information or to arrange a free quote, please contact our head office on 1800 111 387.