WHY Cisco Spark and Spark Kit Videoconferencing together with Spark board?

eVideo Communications  is proud to provide Cisco Spark and Spark Kit Videoconferencing together with Spark board

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Features and benefits which are unique to the Cisco Collaboration portfolio:

  1. Intelligent Proximity

Ultra sonic wave sent from the endpoint which NFC devices can connect to for wireless presentations and control. This does not require Spark, but is built into Spark app.

Benefit: Wirelessly present content to the system, no need to connect a wire.

Benefit: Control your endpoint from your mobile device, place calls, mute calls, add   participants.


  1. Spark Directory

Any Spark registered endpoint can find any other Spark endpoint or user in the Spark directory, whether within their organization or not and make calls without needing to ask for addresses to dial them with.

Benefit: You don’t need to know long dial strings to make calls, just search for the endpoint or user you want to dial.

Benefit: No need to contact the far end ahead of time to get the details needed to make the call.


  1. In Room Control

The Touch 10 controller can be used to control blinds, AV switching, lighting and other room control elements. This does not require Spark.

Benefit: No need to add additional control panels to control room elements, all can be done from one panel.


  1. Digital Zoom Speaker Tracking  spark board4

The fixed lens will use its zoom capability to automatically frame participants as they speak and change it’s zoom to show the active speaker in a room. This does not require Spark. Not applicable to SX Series.

Benefit: No need for manual camera movement or pre-setting camera locations, the system will automatically show who is talking on screen to the far end like you have your own camera man.



  1. Automatic Wake Up

The camera built into the system detects movement in the room and will automatically come out of standby mode and give you a prompt on screen of suggested actions; if connected to Spark it will also detect any mobile devices logged into Spark and suggest pairing yourself to the system for directory, spaces, scheduled meetings or file access. Not applicable to SX Series.

Benefit: You don’t need to wake the system up or figure out how to do so, it will automatically do so and suggest that you use the touch panel to place a call or connect via proximity to present.

Benefit: If connected to Spark, it detects your Spark account and you can open your Space on the device so you can access your files in that Space or dial out to scheduled conferences you have created with your teams.


  1. Wi-Fi Network Connectivity

Built in Wi-Fi card allows you to connect to wireless networks instead of cabled networks. Not applicable to SX Series.

Benefit: No need to run network cables in difficult to reach areas, simply connect to the WiFi.