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Make Your Business More Productive, with Huddle Room Equipment, Products and Software

If you haven’t been seeing the productivity you want out of your employees and your business as a whole, consider that the layout and design of your office space might be to blame. In recent years, many companies have started trying to innovate their office designs to pursue the look and feel of a modern office.

In many cases, this idea of a ‘modern office’ results in an open concept design where most employees work side by side or across from one another, clustered together in one big main room. Maybe there are a few standalone offices for senior members of the staff, or a few conference rooms for meetings, job interviews and the like. For the most part, though, the office is designed as an open floor plan.

The Problems with the Modern Office Layout

There are two core problems with this kind of office design, and you can solve both of them (at least partially) by investing in huddle room equipment for your business.

The first issue is that open workspaces, while they can drive collaboration and promote a teamwork mentality, can also create loud, distracting environments where very little actual ‘work’ gets done. There is too much chaos and not enough direction.

The second issue, meanwhile, is that the office’s open concept design means that there aren’t many other rooms for team meetings or collaboration sessions. There are a couple of larger conference rooms or boardrooms, but those are intended for more important meetings—not for gatherings of smaller teams or segmented departments.


The Benefits of Using Huddle Room Equipment

Investing in huddle room products is an effective way of reversing these negative impacts of an open concept office. Huddle rooms are smaller rooms in an office space that act as less formal conference rooms. They are maybe the size of a traditional office but come equipped with key electronics and software to allow for video conferencing, Power Point presentations, idea brainstorming and more. Best of all, the size of these rooms makes them perfect for smaller group meetings.

Having huddle room equipment and software in your office helps restore the sense of collaboration often lost amidst the madness of an open floor plan office. When your individual teams can regularly go into smaller rooms to have meetings or conversations, it removes some of the noise and chaos from the central work area. It also keeps the conference rooms and boardrooms open, available for larger gatherings.

Because huddle rooms are smaller than standard conference rooms, they cost less to outfit with key technology and software products. As a result, turning three or four smaller rooms or offices throughout your workspace into huddle rooms might be more affordable than you realise.

At eVideo Communications, we specialise in huddle room equipment and huddle room software in Australia. We can help you design and implement a huddle room strategy in your office. We predict you will start noticing the benefits right away.

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