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Contact eVideo for your audio visual products including installation of Smart electronic boards, touch screens, projectors, projector screens, web cameras,  Samsung, Panasonic, LG , Sony  and NEC LED and plasma screens, Barco ClickShare (see our online shop), document cameras, conference phones.  We also supply and install complete control systems such as Crestron and Extron for your boardroom.  Please visit our on-line shop for more products.

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Touch Screens


Interactive LED Touchscreens incorporate the latest in LED display and multi touch technologies; used in infinite multimedia applications, such as classrooms, boardrooms, lecture theaters, collaborative video conferencing and much more.  We have most brands in Australia of LED commercial screens and touch screens such  Benq, Hitachi, Samsung, Viewsonic, Touch IT, Panasonic, NEC, Sharp, Sony.  Sizes vary but up to 84 inches.

Electronic Whiteboards and Displays

electronic whiteboards


We have a wide variety of electronic whiteboards in Australia  for both education and corporate institutions. Choose from a latest range of  business and interactive electronic whiteboards from various brands like Cisco Spark Board, Panasonic, Benq, Sharp or Hitachi.  If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate whiteboard solution call our friendly team on 1800 111 387.

 Revolabs Audio Conferencing



Looking to jump-start your audio conferencing from the boardroom to the desktop? Look no further than Revolabs. Offering simple plug-n’- play for audio conferencing in mid- to large-size conference rooms, executive offices, and SoHo environments, the Revolabs Fusion wireless microphone system and FLX wireless conference phone can be directly plugged into telephone networks.  The Revolabs range of products is very popular with government and health.  Ask us for a free trial now!


LED Videoconferencing  Trolleys



Maximise your technology investment by sharing a large display over multiple rooms using a mobile trolley stand. We have a wide range of dual and single Plasma screen and LED trolley stands perfect for boardrooms, lobbies, and retail displays.  Available in a range of colors.

Commercial & Domestic LED Screens


commercial led screens


When choosing a flat screen TV display, there are two types of screens to choose from – consumer and commercial.  Of course, both types produce an outstanding quality picture but they are engineered differently. The commercial type screens are engineered to work well with a PC and their architecture supports long hours of operation.  On the other hand, the consumer type screens are engineered for TV and video and are intended for shorter viewing times. Choose from a wide variety of brands like LG, NEC, Samsung, Phillips, View Sonic, Sharp etc.  Our friendly team can arrange installation.  Please call to discuss.

Extron Room Integration



Extron TouchLink offers both extensive flexibility and powerful control features while also simplifying the implementation of touchpanel systems. Extron boardroom control systems are made up of a touchpanel, a control processor, and user-friendly configuration software. Nine full-featured TouchLink touchpanel models offer an array of mounting options and environments with an attractive user interface suitable for any room.

Crestron Room Integration


Every room feels like center stage with Crestron multi-room audio and video solutions. Integrated technologies with easy-to-use controls give you the power to deliver rich sound and vivid images to any environment with unparalleled digital quality, whenever and wherever you need it.  Use Crestron to control you whole room with the touch of a finger