Interactive digital displays

Deliver rich content and dynamic interaction in academic or business settings with our high-impact interactive digital displays

Indoor digital screens and signage

Make a great first impression! Digital screens can be used almost anywhere to ensure a positive and friendly welcome for all visitors and customers. Whether it’s in a hotel, office reception area, restaurant or retail store, our range of screens can ensure you reach your audience in the right way. cloth-shop-advertising-digital-led-screen

Reception Screen signage


A welcome screen allows your brand to put its best foot forward with personalised welcome messages, as well as general information, company presentations and up-to-date news:

  • Create customised, scheduled messages for guests
  • Reduce the need for a receptionist
  • Web connectivity for news, social feeds and weather updates
  • Brand awareness and engagement
  • Platform to showcase new products/offers

Hotel Display and Signagemain-hotel-01

  • Provide guests with information about places to visit, hotel restaurants and bars, amentities, and special offers:
  • Service promotion
  • Generate advertising revenue from local businesses
  • Help guests navigate through large hotels with interactive screens
  • Engage staff during check-in
  • Events management

Restaurant Display and Signage

Go digital to highlight quality ingredients, dietary information and menu updates, these are the ideal solution for any sized business and have the following features: Digital-Signage

  • Easily update nutritional/ dietary information for compliance
  • Reduce printing and design costs
  • Manage multiple sites remotely
  • POS integration
  • Automatically change menus based on time of day

 Retail Display signage

Pull out all the stops to get people in store using visually engaging and interactive shop displays. Digital screens are easier to change than a window display – just simply upload and away you go for: retail

  • Attention grabbing displays
  • Cloud-sourced content makes updating easy
  • Lower overhead potential
  • Better brand awareness
  • Help increase sales volume


Use interactive digital signage and displays to simplify meetings and increase collaboration. Participants can use their personal devices to easily share content on the board. And built-in creative tools allow employees to craft eye-catching presentations in the moment.


Our interactive digital signage and displays create a lively classroom that inspires teachers, motivates students and impresses parents. Teachers can supplement lessons with engaging visual content. An intuitive interface makes collaborating easy. And no matter the size of the classroom, there’s a display that fits.

Lifelike content presentation

Capture customers’ attention and refine their brand through super-crisp, pixel-dense UHD content that amplifies even the smallest visual details for a more immersive picture.

Impactful multi-screen support

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and split-screen functionality can showcase up to four content options within a single display, making the QMF Series an ideal upgrade from FHD videowalls.

Durable 24/7 operations

A non-glare panel ensures outstanding 24/7 content performance even in areas impacted by natural and ambient light.